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I started an MA History with Medieval Studies at the University of Birmingham in 2022, focusing my research on the landscape history of early medieval Moray and Nairnshire in Scotland—starting with and working out from Sueno’s Stone in Forres.

I wasn’t sure what this newsletter would be at first, but it’s settled into a pattern where I set myself a research question about an aspect of early medieval Moray, then write up my findings as I go.

Although I’ve set off down an academic path, I believe everyone should have access to the tools and sources for “doing” history. So in every post I aim to use sources that are freely available, and I always include links where possible. If you’re interested in any of the sources that I use but find you can’t access them, please do get in touch.

UPDATE 4th July 2023: As my research has progressed, I’ve become aware that some of the ideas and findings I write about on this blog are original and not yet published in an academically-recognised form. If you would like to cite any of my findings in an academic forum, please get in touch at fmc250 [at] student.bham.ac.uk.

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Fiona Campbell-Howes

MA History (Medieval Studies) student at the University of Birmingham, taking an interdisciplinary approach to researching early medieval Moray in Scotland.